What our customers say

 My book club had read Illuminee's book Miracle in Kigali and met Illuminee afterwards for discussion.  It was then she mentioned she was setting up a catering service to bring Rwandan food to our tables. Rwandan food we wondered what is that like, lets give it a go, so the book club booked Iluminnee.

A few weeks later she came to my home and prepared the food in the kitchen in the afternoon.  She brought most of her own equipment and all the ingredients, and I was able to just leave her to get on with the preparations.  The result was superb and utterly delicious.

Illuminee prepared everything in the kitchen and also served us.  She has a charming and efficient manner quietly producing dish after superb dish -  none of the histrionic chef's behaviour with her.  She simply prepared and cooked a beautifully presented mouth watering feast for us all.  The combination of flavours had resonances of other food we had tasted but was also utterly unique.  It was fresh, good to look at, more than enough for seconds (which we all had), with vegetarian options, chicken and prawn dishes, with a host of salads and vegetables and rice, I particularly liked the chicken with pepper and coconut and the green bananas and peas.

She served the food to us with the help of her able assistant! And played Rwandan music to make the whole evening complete. Her personality and good humour with quite startlingly delicious food made for a perfect evening.

I will certainly book Illuminee again and want my family and friends to all experience an evening with Illuminee and the best of Rwandan food.  Flicky Ridel.